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The sustainable use of our natural resources and the vital development of rural areas are central social goals. These goals will not be achieved by themselves. That is why parliaments and governments have created a comprehensive set of rules that must be constantly developed and adapted to new challenges. This involves complex questions, such as: How should we adapt our forests to climate change? What impact does the designation of nature reserves have on fish stocks? How can we shape the “green architecture” of agricultural policy in such a way that the various social goals are achieved in the best possible way? Why do some rural regions prosper while others fear being left behind? In order to find scientifically sound answers to such questions, the Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute – in brief: Thünen Institute – has been established as a scientifically independent research institution at the interface of science, politics and society. 15 institutes conduct research, the Thuenen Institute of farm economics is involved in the Digi4Live project.

Role in the project:

The Thuenen Institute of Farm Economics is leader of WP7 dealing with the evaluation of the economic, social and environmental impacts of digital and integrated data based solutions and practices and their political implications.

Project Coordination:

Dr Jarkko Niemi,

Project Coordinator and
Research Professor at LUKE

Natural Resources Institute


Project Communication:

Prof dr Mladen Radisic
Foodscale Hub

Narodnog fronta 73,
Novi Sad 21000, Serbia



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