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Project Overview

Digi4Live is a Horizon Europe project spanning three years, from January 2024 to July 2028. Comprising 16 partners from 9 countries, Digi4Lives’s goal is to help the European livestock sector leverage digital technologies and data to benefit farmers and food and technology businesses and smoothen public administration.

Technology meets Livestock: Scaling Impact

In alignment with the objectives of the European Green Deal, which sets forth stringent animal welfare standards and targets for reducing nutrient losses and antimicrobial usage by 2030, the Digi4Live project aims to contribute towards achieving these goals. The ambition of Digi4Live is to enable a wider development and exploitation of digital technologies and existing, repurposed and new data from multiple sources for all main livestock species representing over 35% of the value of the output of EU agriculture.

Digi4Live is committed to seizing this momentum to drive forward progress in livestock tracking, tracing, and digital technologies. Through the development of more than 50 data-driven solutions and active engagement with over 500 stakeholders, we aim to catalyze the widespread adoption of digital innovations in livestock management.

Propelling Beyond the Status Quo

To advance livestock data, this project will prioritize:

Data harmonisation, <br> standardisation and sharing:

Data harmonisation,
standardisation and sharing:

Digi4Live will simplify livestock data sharing, focusing on trust, cost, and legal factors. It will explore various data storage solutions and engage stakeholders to implement livestock tracking technology efficiently while addressing legal concerns.



Digi4Live will develop user-friendly AI tools, optimizing transfer learning and
exploring privacy-preserving methods
to enhance predictive models without compromising privacy.
Sustainable livestock <br> production:

Sustainable livestock

Digi4Live aims to enhance sustainable livestock production by adapting breeding schemes, promoting phenomics tools,
and utilizing sensors for automated welfare
monitoring and labelling.

Maximizing Livestock Efficiency:

Leveraging Repurposed and Fresh Data Across Multiple Livestock Sectors

6 Innovative digitalization concepts (case studies)

The case studies will engage a diverse range of participants across Europe, presenting significant opportunities for scalability. This involves highlighting benefits tailored to farmers, including those operating small to medium-sized farms. With case studies taking place in 8 countries, Digi4Live aims to furnish proof regarding the efficacy of digital technologies in addressing emerging animal welfare, environmental, and breeding objectives. Additionally, it will facilitate enhanced traceability, afford continuous and cost-effective monitoring of compliance and impact assessments, and explore the utility of various data sources and technologies in assessing sustainability.

Building a community empowered by data

Digi4Live aims to actively involve essential stakeholders, fostering their collaboration and capitalizing on synergies. This holistic strategy has the potential to revolutionize livestock assessment and monitoring, harnessing the power of big data to advance scientific research, inform policy decisions, and drive business innovation.

Farmers, processors and on-field livestock practitioners

Data and digital technology providers

Research institutions and experts

Policy Makers, Public Bodies, Advisors and Standardisation Bodies

Agri-food DIHs and AKIS actors

General public

Project Coordination:

Dr Jarkko Niemi,

Project Coordinator and
Research Professor at LUKE

Natural Resources Institute


Project Communication:

Prof dr Mladen Radisic
Foodscale Hub

Narodnog fronta 73,
Novi Sad 21000, Serbia



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