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Institute of Genetics and Animal Biotechnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

The mission of the Institute is to conduct scientific research and disseminate knowledge in the field of genetics and biotechnology of animals for innovation, biological progress and food security for the development of the economy and improvement of the quality of life of the society. The Institute conducts research in the field of functional genomics, including: transcriptomics, proteomics, nutrigenomics and bioinformatics, as well as research in the field of: molecular biology, experimental embryology in the field of both animal sciences and health sciences. The Institute also conducts research on animal behavior and biodiversity of domestic and wild animals. Research in the field of health sciences is also carried out with the use of animal models. Applied research focuses mainly on improving the nutritional and health-promoting properties of raw materials and animal products produced in various production systems, taking into account animal welfare and reducing the adverse impact of agricultural production on the environment and human health.

Role in the project:

IGBZ is one of two organizations working on case study Resilience and Transparency.

Project Coordination:

Dr Jarkko Niemi,

Project Coordinator and
Research Professor at LUKE

Natural Resources Institute


Project Communication:

Prof dr Mladen Radisic
Foodscale Hub

Narodnog fronta 73,
Novi Sad 21000, Serbia



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