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International Committee for Animal Recording

ICAR is the global provider of independent Guidelines, Standards and Certification for animal identification, recording and evaluation. ICAR, an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO), provides an open yet secure network to share with, learn from and interact with fellow members and related stakeholders in global animal production. By cooperating, sharing and enabling, ICAR strives to stimulate animal production around the globe that is more sustainable and efficient than the sum of the individual contributions. The aims of ICAR are to promote the development and improvement of animal identification, performance recording and evaluation in farm animal production.

Role in the project:

ICARs role in the Digi4Live project will be synthesizing workshop outcomes to propose guidelines for integrating the efforts of research, companies, and standardization bodies in tackling emerging issues and bridging gaps. This encompasses leading Task T6.3, focusing on developing approaches to enable data standardization and harmonization, crucial for efficient data sharing. Furthermore, ICAR will actively engage in implementing day-to-day DEC activities and conducting thorough reviews of existing policies.

Project Coordination:

Dr Jarkko Niemi,

Project Coordinator and
Research Professor at LUKE

Natural Resources Institute


Project Communication:

Prof dr Mladen Radisic
Foodscale Hub

Narodnog fronta 73,
Novi Sad 21000, Serbia



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