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Foodscale Hub (FSH) is an Impact Venture Studio working to accelerate the shift towards tech-enabled innovations in the agrifood sector. FSH’s mission revolves around developing scalable solutions and disruptive business models that transform the agrifood landscape for the betterment of society.

Through active engagement in numerous research and innovation projects and EU initiatives – such as Erasmus, FP7, H2020 and Horizon Europe, FSH is at the forefront of shaping the future of food systems. As expert strategists, doers and coaches, they work with a diverse mix of partners, from small startups with an idea, to industry, public and research organisations on a mission to shape and implement their growth plan and cooperate to make innovation inevitable.

Role in the project:

FSH will be the leader of WP4 and WP8, and contribute to WP1, work packages dedicated to setting up and leading the realisation of the Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication (DEC) plan and Multi-actor engagement (MAE).

Project Coordination:

Dr Jarkko Niemi,

Project Coordinator and
Research Professor at LUKE

Natural Resources Institute


Project Communication:

Prof dr Mladen Radisic
Foodscale Hub

Narodnog fronta 73,
Novi Sad 21000, Serbia



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